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Blogging and Social Media

Looking to increase inquiry volume in a cost-effective manner?  An integral part of an inbound marketing strategy, the hot trend in marketing today, social media campaigns and blogging are an important “top of the funnel” activity to enable prospects to find you and drive engagement on their terms.  They also have the added benefit of driving more traffic to your website to increase SEO.

What’s Included?

  • Produce a blog and social media content calendar
  • Identify key influencers for content creation
  • Create compelling content
  • Design a social media and blog strategy
  • Prioritize social media presence based on target market activity.

How to get started:

MBA Recruitment Blogs and Social Media

Why Choose Enrollment Strategies?

  • There are never enough hours in the day.  Make sure you do everything you can to achieve your enrollment goals.
  • Collaborate with a consultant who’s walked in your shoes as an MBA recruiter.  Instant expertise.  No learning curve.  Better results.