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Improve Brand Awareness

Some business schools are their own best secret.  Everyone “on the inside” knows about the talented faculty, terrific students, and accomplished alumni.  Yet few “on the outside” know all the great things that are happening inside your classrooms.

While we’ve all been taught that it’s not “nice” to boast in life, this is one instance where we are entitled to a little (okay, a lot) of bragging rights to increase inquiries, applications, and enrollments.

Whether your business school is long-established or relatively new, we can help improve the visibility of your graduate business programs.

We offer a number of services to make your business school stand out:

  • Website audit and content development
  • Influential Testimonial Development
  • Write and/or pitch b-school and student stories to key media business school influencers
  • MBA Recruitment Fair strategies include communications before and after events