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From Sochi with Love: How Business Schools Can Engage MBA prospects

Let the games begin.

Well, I’m not entirely talking about the 2014 Olympics which began in Sochi last week – although I have enjoyed watching the winter sports, especially the ice dancers who transform themselves into spinning tops on skates.  (How does Russia’s 15-year old Yulia Lipnitskaia perform those amazing twizzles?!?) Read more

How to Craft MBA Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Last weekend I stopped by my local Williams-Sonoma store on the day they were hosting an artisans’ market.  It was a clever marketing strategy to generate foot traffic during a slow time of year and help local producers boost brand awareness.

As I sampled specialty foods, I thought about how the artisans could keep their brands in the minds, hearts, and, indeed, stomachs of prospective customers who wandered in that day. Read more

Catch Your “Runaway Bride” with MBA Lead Nurturing

The most popular season for weddings has arrived.  Specialty boutiques have moved their shimmery formal dresses to the front of the store, white tiered confectionery cakes are featured prominently in bakery displays, and florists are blooming with bridal bouquets.  All of these happy matrimonial images remind me of one of my favorite wedding movies, Runaway Bride. Read more