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What do MBA Rankings have in common with David & Goliath?

When it rains, it pours.  And I’m not just talking about the flood warnings that were issued in Maryland in the last couple of days.

Instead, I’m referring to MBA rankings season which is in full force.  Then again, when is it not rankings season?  With more and more media rankings to keep up with, the season seems to extend all year long.

Last week, there was not one, not two –but three major MBA rankings released. Read more

Movie Scripts and MBA Media Rankings

Note: The Financial Times Global MBA Rankings – 2013 have been released.

It’s another year which means another round of MBA media rankings.  While a prominent position delights the hearts and minds of MBA marketing and admissions directors (not to mention business school deans), these annual publications can also bring disappointing news. Read more

Promoting your MBA Rankings: Lessons from the Red Carpet

There’s plenty of speculation leading up to the Academy Awards.   Will the first silent film in 85 years win Best Picture?   Will the most photographed actor in the world take home the most recognized trophy in the world?   Will the most nominated actress win her first Academy Award since 1982?

All this anticipation and nail-biting is just like a scene from the higher education equivalent of awards season.   Each time a media ranking is published MBA admissions officers take a deep breath and click on that “virtual envelope” in their inbox. Read more