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Packaged Marketing

If you’re like most business school recruiters, you’ve got a long list of marketing programs that could use more of your attention.  However, it’s not easy to pick a place to start that will get the results you want and also fit your budget.  I’ve been in your shoes, so I’ve tried to make it easy for you with a set of packaged marketing programs.

Easy to get started

I selected the marketing programs my clients request most, and turned each one into a well-defined package so it’s easy to get started.  Each package is sized based on a set of deliverables that has been proven successful – so you know exactly what you’re getting.  It’s also got a fixed price, so you know exactly how it’s going to fit within your budget.


It’s a lot faster and easier to edit an essay than it is to start with a blank page and write one from scratch.  The same is true for my packaged marketing programs.  Before I send you a proposal, we’ll get on the phone to discuss your program objectives so I have a clear understanding of your needs.  Based on that discussion, we can make adjustments to any packaged program so it fits both your objectives and your budget.

Packaged Marketing Programs