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Lead Nurturing

Timing is everything.  How many prospective students have you lost because your business school wasn’t top-of-mind when they made a crucial decision?  You’ll lose every MBA prospect who doesn’t think of you at the right time.

MBA candidates often think about business school for two years (or more) before they fill out an application.  When your prospective student is ready to make a crucial decision, you want to be part of it.  An active Lead Nurturing program can help by keeping prospects engaged with your brand.  That way your timing is right no matter when your prospect chooses to decide.  And the candidate will be more likely to apply to your business school instead of the competition.  Let Enrollment Strategies jump start your lead nurturing program:

What’s Included?

  • Project kickoff and strategy alignment meeting
  • 6-12 expertly-crafted emails or letters tailored to your target demographic
  • Copy designed to inform prospects and overcome barriers that deter applications to your program
  • Calendar with sequence and timing to send messages to prospects

How to get started:

MBA Recruitment Lead Nurturing

Why Choose Enrollment Strategies?

  • There are never enough hours in the day.  Make sure you do everything you can to achieve your enrollment goals.
  • Collaborate with a consultant who’s walked in your shoes as an MBA recruiter.  Instant expertise.  No learning curve.  Better results.


This is one of my favorite testimonials from my lead nurturing programs because it came from a prospect who received the emails:

“Just wanted to commend you on your email.  It grabbed my attention (as I get tons of these and don’t read many of them) and I read yours in its entirety.  I like your approach!”

I work especially hard to make sure emails are relevant and valuable to prospective students.  It’s not easy to stand out in a crowded inbox… but when you do, it can certainly leave a lasting impression.