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How to Spot Partnerships for Business School Recruitment

As Labor Day approaches, you can almost hear the collective sigh from coast to coast. Where did the summer go?

Some will celebrate the long holiday weekend with a trip to the beach or the ballpark. Others may head to the mall to catch the Labor Day sales. If you are looking to spruce up your fall wardrobe with some back-to-school (or work) styles from J. Crew, for example, you would head right to the retailer’s stores.

Or if you want to wait another week or two, you could shop the brand at Nordstrom.

Wait. What?

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If You Want a Friend in Business, Get an MBA

There are a lot of smiling faces on social media these past few weeks. And with good reason. After all, it is graduation season.

Take a look at social media accounts of business schools and you’ll see all sorts of graduation posts from live streaming ceremonies to commencement speakers to happy graduates holding their diplomas. Here are a couple:

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What Admissions Offices Can Learn from the Tiger Bread Story

She had a point.

Three-year-old Lilly Robinson was confused. Sainsbury’s, the British supermarket, had a product called tiger bread. But Lily didn’t think the bread resembled a tiger at all. In fact, she thought looked very much like a giraffe.

So Lily wrote a letter to the customer service department at Sainsbury’s.

And she received a reply.

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