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The Solar Eclipse was the Best Lesson in Business Schools Today


One’s eligibility to observe the eclipse wasn’t determined by power or position (or even GMAT scores.) Everyone in its path, from former presidents to school-aged children, had to wait their turn, and everybody had to wear those ever-so-fashionable safety glasses, for this much anticipated event.

Most days of the year, it’s the media rankings that dictate the order of the business school universe. However, nature’s algorithms played the most prominent role today.

Beginning on the West Coast and ending on the East Coast, here’s how business schools across the country observed “The Great American Eclipse.”

While the Carlson School of Management wasn’t in the path of totality, its message couldn’t have been clearer for stressed-out students, and all of us, who spend so much of our time focused on the future because of our ambition. Experiences of awe, such as the solar eclipse, remind us how important it is to live in the present.

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