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What matters most to future MBA students?

Some weeks ago, I had some minor surgery and had to choose a doctor for the procedure.  Like many “consumers” looking for advice, I turned to my trusted network of family and friends for recommendations. After some pre-procedure comparative shopping and consultations, I settled on a surgeon who was considered the most experienced in his specialty in our metropolitan area. Read more

How to Develop Authentic Presence at MBA Information Sessions

Some business schools call them MBA Information Sessions.  For others, they’re Open Days.  However you name admissions events for prospective MBA students, one thing remains constant.  MBA admissions directors serve as master of ceremonies.

But unlike Ellen at the Academy Awards, the job at hand is less about entertaining and more about educating.

Still, it can be a balancing act.  There is so much information to get across in an hour and you don’t want to overwhelm your audience.  At the same time, how do you keep MBA candidates engaged and interested?  Most importantly, how can you convert more attendees into applicants?

We turned to Ann Timmons, a public speaking coach, for tips on how to better connect with your audience at MBA events.  Here is what she had to say: Read more