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Want to attract more MBA candidates? Stimulate their lizard brains!

There are a lot of headlines coming out of Washington D.C. lately, but you could say the most important revelation for business school recruiters and marketers took place last week in a hotel conference room in our nation’s capital. Read more

MBA Marketing Strategies from The Great Gatsby

Fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald’sThe Great Gatsby frolicked by the millions to see the latest Hollywood adaption of this classic Jazz Age novel.  This lavish drama roared like its depicted decade to exceed box office expectations on opening weekend.  It’s no surprise.  The previews showcased glitz and glamour, sumptuous costumes, and the always debonaire DiCaprio portraying the mysterious millionaire.

While a film about over-the-top decadence and bootlegging business dealings seems an unlikely reference for business school recruitment, there are some take-away lessons when it comes to marketing your MBA program. Read more