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How to Craft MBA Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Last weekend I stopped by my local Williams-Sonoma store on the day they were hosting an artisans’ market.  It was a clever marketing strategy to generate foot traffic during a slow time of year and help local producers boost brand awareness.

As I sampled specialty foods, I thought about how the artisans could keep their brands in the minds, hearts, and, indeed, stomachs of prospective customers who wandered in that day. Read more

Cupcakes and MBA Candidates

One afternoon I stopped in a friend’s company for an impromptu visit just as freshly-baked cupcakes arrived for an afternoon treat.  There’s nothing like confectionary delights to bring employees (including the CEO) out of their offices, and it provided the opportunity to chat with a talented team member who is just starting to think about going back to school for an MBA. Read more