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How to Optimize MBA Recruitment Results in the Home Stretch

It’s the Triple Crown and they’re off….

Amidst a spectacular parade of whimsical head wear, horse fans are cheering their favorites during each leg of the 2012 Triple Crown.

Meanwhile, MBA admissions officers and MBA program directors are in a race of their own as they round the corner to the start of the academic year in September. The next few months can feel like a tight race to the finish line to meet enrollment targets, so what is your MBA marketing strategy in this home stretch?   Read more

Catch Your “Runaway Bride” with MBA Lead Nurturing

The most popular season for weddings has arrived.  Specialty boutiques have moved their shimmery formal dresses to the front of the store, white tiered confectionery cakes are featured prominently in bakery displays, and florists are blooming with bridal bouquets.  All of these happy matrimonial images remind me of one of my favorite wedding movies, Runaway Bride. Read more