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MBA Referral Programs to Make Applications Multiply like Rabbits

Easter is a beloved holiday for springtime enthusiasts with its images of pastel bonnets, confectionery baskets, and garden bunnies.  It is also signals the height of MBA recruitment season for many business school admissions officers.  In today’s highly competitive market, finding the most qualified MBA candidates can seem a lot like hunting for hidden Easter eggs.  Here are five ways to create an MBA referral program so your applications multiply like rabbits. Read more

Four Lucky Clover Tips to Enhance MBA Marketing Communications

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner heralding the approach of spring and a time of year when thoughts turn to renewal.  As daffodils and cherry blossoms begin to bloom, it’s the ideal opportunity to do some spring cleaning of your business school marketing collateral. Here are four “lucky clover” tips based on this favorite Irish holiday to ensure your MBA marketing communications are sprouting new prospects year round: Read more

Highly Focused… Brilliant Results

MBA recruitment is a demanding job, and chances are you’re feeling overworked and understaffed for the challenges you face this year.  Enrollment Strategies can boost performance of your recruitment marketing with instant expertise only a former MBA recruiter can provide.  Read the Enrollment Strategies Blog and get fresh ideas for your marketing programs, then schedule a 20/20 brainstorming call with Barbara and get 20 more ideas in just 20 minutes.

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